Best Buy Elliptical Machine Revealed

Best Buy Elliptical Machine Revealed

The AFG 4.1AE has been chosen as the BEST BUY ELLIPTICAL based on all our in-depth reviews of elliptical machines for 2011-2012.

We feel that AFG 4.1AE stands out from the crowd based on the comfort, versatility, programming, noise level, quality, warranty and price it offers. It is definitely the best buy elliptical of the year! Lets have another quick look at the AFG 4.1AE elliptical machine.

We have great confidence in AFG (Advanced Fitness Group) because this company is part of the infamous Johnson Fitness, the biggest and most reputable manufacturer who also makes Livestrong and Horizon products. The AFG stands out most within the Johnson group.

What does Best Buy Elliptical means to us? Best Value

The company is very innovative, consistently seeking and researching advanced technologies (that is why they are the ‘advanced’ group under Johnson). AFG offers features that only high-end ellipticals ($3000+) used to carry, and are pricing it their machines at very affordable prices. It’s unbelievable how AFG has transformed and created a great impact on the pricing model and features in recent years, which makes them the best buy elliptical for this year. For example, an iPod dock is now integrated on the console where users can ‘play & charge’ while exercising on the machine. The display is now an LED offering crisp and clear display, not to mention it saves electricity and has a longer life span. One of the coolest features that the AFG 4.1AE introduces is the interactive heart rate technology, that automatically configures your exercise routine based on your heart rate. No more manual configurations (although you still can, if you wish). What we are trying to emphasize here is that the AFG 4.1AE has gone far beyond what we expected, with all these new and cool features at low prices.


Sixstar certified elliptical which includes the following:

  1. ZEROgap – Ideal pedal placement: Pedals are placed with zero distance between them to eliminate stress on hips and back
  2. StraightUP – Body posture: Keeps your body upright for maximum comfort and faster results
  3. SUREstep – Easy access: Pedals placed low to the ground are easier to step on and off
  4. IDEALfit – Optimal handlebar spacing: Grips are within ideal reach and distance for both small and large framed users
  5. FLATellipse – A more natural foot path: Mimics a natural running or walking motion while minimizing fatigue
  6. SMOOTHpulley – Smoother momentum: The large drive pulley ratio creates the smoothest, most efficient motion possible

Warranty and Service

As mentioned in our warranty section, the AFG 4.1AE warranty and service are extraordinary with direct support from the manufacturer or the retail store you purchased it from. Best of all is that they do send a technician to your house to get things done on spot at NO COST. Their parts are always available so no wait is required. In comparison, with some other companies, you will have to contact a third-party for support or wait more than 4-6 weeks for parts and labor. This is a major advantage that AFG provides.

Best Buy Elliptical Machine Revealed – The AFG 4.1AE Elliptical

best buy afg 4.1ae

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